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A fairytale getaway

Elbete is a town that you cannot miss. The town is nestled at the end of the Baztan valley and faithfully represents the beauty of this area in the north of Navarra: green meadows, nature, pastures and a lot of history.

Around the area there are countless activities and places to visit that will make you feel as if you were in a landscape designed for the moment… The traditional architecture of the houses, the mills, waterfalls and people will surprise you.

Mill and gastronomic tradition

We suggest a visit to the Etxaide mill. Located next to the river, it is the oldest water mill of the 30 that once existed in the Baztan valley. It dates from the 19th century and has recently been rehabilitated, serving as the origin of numerous guided tours of the dam and the canal.

On your return, we suggest you do a talos workshop or simply try them, since made from cornmeal they are part of the gastronomic history of the area, you just have to decide what you want to accompany them with: cheese, txistorra, chocolate…

As in any town in Navarre with centuries of history, the church cannot be missing. This dates from the 16th century, based on reddish ashlar and surrounded by a portico. Here, not only is the interior important, with altarpieces in honor of different saints, but also in the garden there are 3 discoid stelae, around which deeply rooted ancient pagan beliefs revolve.

You can’t miss the laundry room, right at the back of the parish, well preserved, it represents a meeting and work place, as well as being one of the trades traditionally assumed by women and which survives in history with its particular charm.

Palaces and beauty intermingled with the nature of the valley.

Not everything is religious heritage. At the end of the 17th century, the Jarola Palace was built, considered one of the most notable in the valley, and the Askoa Palace, with an elegant façade with classical columns and a pediment displaying the Baztan coat of arms.

Excursions and routes

From this area and from the center of the towns, there are many marked routes and paths for hiking through the mountains for all kinds of levels and distances. We recommend that you take a look, because this valley is the gateway to the western Pyrenees, with magnificent views from the heights.

Get to know and enjoy the Baztan Valley, where the gastronomy will not disappoint you and there are numerous rural accommodations available where you can delve even deeper into the traditional architecture and decoration of this area in the north of Navarra.
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