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Excursions and nature

In the heart of the Esteribar valley is Aquerreta/ Akerreta, a small town with just 11 inhabitants. This small town-hamlet is organized around the church, with well-cared houses and mountain-style ashlar stone, very much in the pre-Pyrenees style.

Its church is of medieval origin and it also has a tower that we recommend visiting, but, in addition, this valley offers many other charms such as nature and the routes available in it.

The Bridges of the Arga river

The bridges of the Arga is the proposal that the valley itself makes to discover its most emblematic places. Here special importance is given to nature, since it is something that prevails above all around the Arga river, but also to some highly recommendable historical monuments.

These visitable points are a total of 10 and can be done on the same day or spaced out to enjoy them more calmly and are the following: the watershed, the preseta bridge in the Kintoa Forest, the Eugui munitions factory, The Eugui reservoir and its promenade, the Urtasun bridge, the Saigots iron bridge, the Zubiri rage bridge, the Larrasoaña bridge, the Irotz bridge and the Olloki palace.

All of them gather interesting routes and landscapes around them, so we recommend a quiet visit for several days, without forgetting that in this area there is a space enabled for the practice of BTT and Trail, for the most sporty.

Not everything is going to be visiting, the valley has numerous local producers of meats, sausages and cheeses, not to mention the quality of the restaurants.

The cheese that is made in this area has the Idiazabal Denomination of Origin, the sausages and meats have a careful production process and are made in an artisan way. In addition, the restaurants and bars in the valley are nourished by local orchards and livestock, so quality and care is guaranteed.

The Way of Saint James

The Esteribar valley has the enormous fortune of being part of the crossing point of the French Camino de Santiago, the Jacobean route par excellence, and which has great historical and scenic wealth with palaces, churches and mansions. Very interesting to do sections or complete during your visit to Navarra.

So that you can enjoy your stay in this beautiful valley of Navarra, we make a recommendation made in The Original Basque so that you know the most charming rural accommodation and where they will best recommend you to get the most out of your stay.

Recommended from The Original Basque:

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