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In the town of dreams

In Middle Navarra, in the area known as Baja Montaña de Navarra, is Gallipienzo/Galipentzu, a defensive watchtower from the 10th century and is known as “the town of dreams”.

This town has the characteristics of The Original Basque territory, since this is a perfect territory to experience nature, history and tranquility in one place. Read on to learn more about this place and the charms of its surroundings.

Charming rural setting

Walking through its streets and listening to the singing of the birds and the sound of footsteps through the cobbled streets makes you transport yourself to another era. That’s what those who experience the sensation that has led it to be nicknamed “the town of dreams” say.

The landscape that surrounds this town nestled in the mountain offers spectacular views from the top of the town and some of its viewpoints. Built on the side of the mountain, Gallipienzo is surrounded by the Foz Verde of the Aragón River and the Kaparreta Nature Reserve, ideal for those seeking disconnection and getting to know a purely original place.

The nature that surrounds the town also offers the possibility of carrying out numerous sports activities such as hiking and Nordic walking, with paths marked out for this purpose, but also pleasant bike routes.

Good news for those who love wildlife and birds, since Gallipienzo is home to the recovery of the Bonelli eagle thanks to European initiatives and aid. Take a look at the viewpoints to find these majestic birds.

The perfect place to find rural charm, nature and disconnection.

But not everything is this town, due to its proximity to other rural areas, it is the ideal point to discover more. It is located a few kilometers from visitable wine cellars, the town of Ujué/Uxue and the Royal Palace of Olite.

Archeology of the Roman past

Just 15 minutes from Gallipienzo are the sites of Santa Criz de Eslava, the most important Roman city preserved in Navarre and one of the main ones in the north of the peninsula. A visit is recommended when you pass through this area.

From here you can also visit the church of Santa María la Real in Sangüesa/ Zangoza, a highly appreciated Romanesque jewel, and not far from here the famous Castle of San Francisco de Javier, very representative of Navarre history.

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