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Landscape of water and iron

Water. This is what characterizes the town of Eugui/Eugi since work began on the reservoir or swamp in 1968, which can be seen as soon as you arrive in the town. The mission of this reservoir was and still is to supply water to Pamplona and its surroundings.

This makes the landscape of the town marked by its presence, which left some parts of the town submerged, such as the forestry house, the oven, the Baltasar bakery and the mill with its dam, among others.

The Royal Arms Factory

The reformist line of King Carlos III in Navarra caused another type of industry to proliferate, such as factories, in the case of Eugui dedicated to armory. The Eugui Royal Ammunition Factory was a pioneer in this type, occupying more than 10,000m2 of surface area and encompassing coal bunkers, ovens, moulding, workshops, ammunition cleaning, pipelines, bridges, etc.

This industry came to create a mini city where some 500 people lived and had the services typical of the time: school, doctor and its own church. Today it is a place that can be visited with explanatory panels and that has a certain charm because, although some parts are not preserved, they are in a very attractive natural environment that gives it a lot of charm.

As a curiosity, comment that cannonballs, known as “balls”, were made here, which some inhabitants of the area keep, and others are in the river since the water dragged them away.

The best excursion knowing the Quinto Real Forest

After visiting the Ammunition Factory, The Original Basque offers you an excursion to discover the Quinto Real forest. In this case, we suggest you ascend to its most characteristic mountain, Mount Adi.

Here the most abundant fauna are peregrine falcons, griffon vultures, roe deer, wild boar and deer, the latter’s bellowing being spectacular in autumn.

Art in nature

At the foot of Mount Adi and taking advantage of your route to its summit, in the area of the town of Zilbeti, we recommend that you visit Gernika, the well-known painting by Picasso embodied in the trees of this beech forest and which is worth seeing.

So that you can enjoy these and many other rural, natural and historical tourist experiences, The Original Basque recommends the best rural accommodation to comfortably live your stay in the territory:

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