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Landscapes for disconnection

If what you are looking for on your next vacation is a place of total disconnection, in the middle of nature and with little traffic, although with great possibilities for activities, Sansoáin/ Santsoain is your ideal place.

In this territory you will find rest in a hotel with a lot of charm and the best attention, gastronomy typical of the area, activities in the environment and a key place to depart for other activities.

One environment, endless activities

The proto-Gothic church of Sansoáin (12th century) stands out for the decorations on its stairs, as they include 8 polychrome stone shields, among which are the chains of Navarre and the arms of the house of Évreux, with great influence in Navarre. during the XIV-XV centuries. Also noteworthy are the discoidal stelae with which the cemetery is adorned.

In this unique environment, is the Coto Valdorba, which is an excellent place to practice all kinds of activities from hiking trails, hunting tours, clay pigeon shooting and paintball, for those traveling as a family or group.

In this place, good gastronomy is very important since it has a restaurant specialized in Navarre gastronomy and game dishes. It has a three-fork category and features traditional local dishes such as suckling lamb, kid and sparrow roasted in a wood-fired oven, as well as grilled beef T-bone steak.

Vegetables, grilled meats and in a wood oven… Disconnect in an incredible landscape and eat well.

All the kitchen in his restaurant is very careful, that’s why the desserts are 100% homemade and the wines are D.O. Navarra, to taste The Original Basque land in all its variants.

A starting point

This point is perfect for getting to know other nearby places of great interest, such as the Royal Palace of Olite, the wineries in the San Martín de Unx area, the fortress church of Ujué/Uxue, or the church of Santa María de Sangüesa that It is a jewel of the Romanesque.

The Original Basque makes recommendations for the most charming rural accommodation in the territory so that you can enjoy your tourist experience with the most personalized and careful attention.

Our recommendations:

  • Hotel-restaurante Valdorba
  • Hotel el Cerco
  • La Posada Casa Aldabe
  • Heredada Beragu