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Nature to rest and enjoy

One of the strengths of the Original Basque territory is its intense and rugged nature, which, intermingled with the history of the towns and valleys that occupy the territory, leaves us with places to stop to breathe and enjoy it in all its splendor.

This is precisely what we most recommend in the surroundings of the town of Arizcun/ Arizkun, in the Baztan valley. Delve into the valley and discover unforgettable corners with a thousand and one sensations to experience.

Endless activities in nature

We recommend you visit the Xoxorrin waterfall, following a circular route of about 7 kilometers in length and of a simple type, perfectly marked out and indicated that it is suitable for any age, so if you are traveling with the family it can be a great option. The environment that you will visit has the characteristic green of the northern valleys of the Original Basque territory.

Very close to Arikun is the Señorío de Bertiz Natural Park with great natural beauty and very good natural conservation that you can explore on foot or by bike, as well as practicing wildlife observation.

If you want immersive experiences in nature, visiting Infernuko Errota is your excursion. The translation would be “the regatta of hell” and it is a mill with a stream next to which a path runs through the thickness of the forest, born in the Carlist era of Navarre and which served as a supply during the wars, including the Civil War, being the The only one in operation in the area, albeit clandestinely.

Take your bike because the northern area of Navarra is ideal for routes.

The Vía Verde del Bidasoa runs between Navarra and Gipuzkoa, following a good part of the route of the Bidasoa River, which is ideal and highly recommended for practicing with bicycles and getting to know the towns of Baztan and some of Gipuzkoa in depth.

Do you like guided tours?

This area is full of guided activities to enjoy the territory and its strengths. If you are looking for quality gastronomic tourism, we suggest a visit to cheese factories in the area, some of them organic. There are also craft workshops that open their doors for those most interested, without neglecting guided horseback rides or adventure companies in the area.

So that you can enjoy all these activities and many more in the Baztan Valley, we suggest the recommended ones from The Original Basque, rural accommodation with lots of charm and personal attention:

  • Señorío de Ursúa
  • Donamariako Benta
  • Hotel Irigoienea
  • Hotel Antxitonea
  • Posada Elbete