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The wine of the Low Mountain

San Martín de Unx, a town in the Lower Mountain of Navarra, is known for its numerous wineries and for its proximity to the wine capital, Olite/Erriberri, where one of the great monumental jewels of the Middle Ages in Navarra is also located, the Royal Palace of Carlos III.

The Original Basque offers you plans around this area of the territory that you will not be able to reject. Here the wine culture, gastronomy and natural routes triumph among those who visit it.

Wine experiences in wineries

San Martín de Unx is a town surrounded by vineyards with a total of 4 wineries that organize guided tours of the facilities and vineyards, some even in a very special way by horse-drawn cart and that include tastings of their wines and typical local products from Navarre.

In addition, in the spring in San Martín de Unx the month of the Rosado is celebrated, with varied activities around this highly valued product in the town: markets, tastings, visits to the wineries and vineyards, entertainment with music and an environment of the most festive in its streets.

A few kilometers away is Olite, named City of Wine in Navarra. Here you will not only find wineries and vineyards, but there is a great specialization in them in its different wine bars and wine bars.

In Olite is the well-known Royal Palace of Carlos III ‘the noble’, one of the most notable Gothic castles in Europe and an architectural jewel that presides over the old quarter of this town and that, as you pass through this area, you cannot miss lose.

Oenological experiences and remarkable heritage around San Martín de Unx

And returning to the surroundings of San Martín de Unx, a visit to the church of San Martín de Tours (12th century), considered one of the most important Romanesque temples in Navarre, is a must. It preserves the header, the portal, the nave, practically the entire interior of the crypt and other details for lovers of cultural visits.

The fortress that you cannot miss

The Original Basque is a territory full of nature, mountains and castles, so now it’s time to visit the town of Ujué/Uxue. This town dates from the s. X and was strategically built on the top of a mountain, rising imposingly high above the landscape.

The medieval and defensive character of this charming town remains intact. Its narrow streets are made up of small houses together and cobbled floors, preserving the charm of towns with history.

At the top, presides over the Sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin of Ujué which, although it dates from the 11th century, there were already writings from a previous pre-Romanesque temple. It is worth highlighting its Gothic façade, which is one of the best decorated in Navarre.

To enjoy this territory within The Original Basque we leave you our recommendations, to stay in the most charming rural hotels and rural houses in the area.
Our recommendations:

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