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If our territory is prized for something, it is because it is the place where a large number of our customs originate from, in addition to its own language, a culture based on its Basque and pre-Roman origin that has shaped the character of its people and also the wealth and variety experience that you can find here.

We are Basque, we are color

From the green of the meadows in the northern valleys, to the white of the snow on the peaks of our Pyrenees, the Original Basque territory is colour. This is closely linked to the conception that we have of nature in the territory, which we try to pamper with sustainability and which we try to promote with the respect of generations that have lived linked to it, without forgetting the stone fortresses that crown peaks and that so important have been in key territories for the history of Navarre.

And, if we talk about territories that are part of the personality of The Original Basque, we cannot stop talking about the Bardenas desert, the largest desert in all of Europe and which offers a unique experience to those who know it.

We cannot ignore the red color of the grapes and the enormous viticulture tradition of this territory, a tradition that dates back centuries to Roman times, where the richness of the land already had its weight as it was ideal for the production of good wines, today translated into century-old wineries and wine with Designation of Origin Navarra, among others.

Joy, tradition and feast

As a climax to the chromatic display of the Original Basque territory, we have our festivals and traditions full of color and music, where the dances typical of each area and their clothing fill the streets of our towns with joy.

The dancers of Ochagavía, the ezpatadantzaris of Lesaka, Bolantes of Valcarlos, the Paloteado de Cortes, the carnivals full of legends and mystery in Ituren, Zubieta, Lantz and Alsasua and, without forgetting, the famous Sanfermines where white and red flood the streets of Pamplona and become designated dates, not only for the city of Pamplona/Iruña, but for the entire territory.

The Original Basque is colour, it is tradition, it is festivals and its people who make them possible and welcome you with open arms to get to know and enjoy this land. Come and discover an originally natural territory, full of castles, with a long oenological tradition and a wonderful and contrasting desert.