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The land of the ancient Basques is the cradle of an ancient culture in which to discover the essence of a people around its landscapes, its culture and its traditions. This land is bathed in history and the passage of time around nature, ancestral constructions and constant noise from its hundreds of rivers and ravines.

Central European millennial culture

The history of the original Basques is one of the factors that mark our spaces. The tradition of our people is intertwined with constructions such as dolmens and druidic stones, up to the construction of defensive watchtowers and thousand-year-old castles already built on ancient bronze age sanctuaries.

Come and discover part of our history and let yourself be captivated by a modern and dynamic tourist proposal where the rural and ancestral are intertwined with a unique experience that will captivate you.

Traveling to the original land of the Basques is one of the most current tourist proposals in Europe and is considered the small land where history, gastronomy and the best experience of purely rural accommodation come together, designed for a large number of travelers and with a unique philosophy of sustainability and equity.

People of unmistakable courage will offer you a warm welcome.

The proposal both cultural and activities around our history, is another of the great proposals that differentiates The Original Basque from other tourist proposals in Europe. With worldwide recognition for our good work, we await you with open arms.

We have spent a long time looking for the important things that give meaning to life. Experiences to return to the origin in infinite landscapes, in the deepest forests, in the highest mountains, on its roads and deserts, among its vineyards and trails… Through culture and castles, our people have been committed to caring for centuries of a treasure, a land of infinite contrasts, where to live, enjoy, savor our own way of doing things. A place where you can meet again, in the most absolute tranquility, or in the most uproarious of parties. We are The Original Basque, a journey through the history of a town that will transform you forever.