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Navarre, a territory that prides itself on its tasty gastronomy and local products that, depending on the area you are in, will surprise you with their variety, and Navarre is a territory with infinite landscapes. Within gastronomy, the wineries occupy a prominent place, with hundreds of top-level wines, with Designations of Origin and hundreds of years of history. Do you dare to know more?

Tradition that goes back centuries

The winemaking tradition in Navarre is hundreds of years old, and we can go back to Roman times, when they settled in some areas of the territory, such as the roman city of Andelos (a site that you cannot miss), where they already had a whole winery system that can currently be visited to delve deeper into this art and into the land of Navarra itself, which, due to its climate, was highly revered for growing vines.

The culture of wine in the territory is so great that a short time ago a type of primitive and original grapevine plant was identified in Navarre, the “vitis silvestris”, with specimens in very few areas of the world and whose antiquity dates back to 5 million of years. Navarre, the original wine tasting.

Route and Designations of Origin

The great exponent of wine in Navarre began hand in hand with the creation of the first monasteries, back in the 9th and 10th centuries and with the beginning of Saint James Way this tradition was consolidated, being able to find important wineries with tasty wines in the towns belonging to to stages of St James Way.

In addition, some wineries in the territory have joined the Navarre Wine Route, in charge of promoting them, generating tourism around them and guaranteeing quality and unrepeatable wine tourism experiences. It should be noted that the Navarra Wine Designation of Origin extends to many more areas of the territory, including wines located from the territory of Baja Montaña and Valdizarbe to the south of Navarra in the areas of Tierra Estella, Ribera Alta and Baja.

To get to know such an authentic land, start with the gastronomy and its tasty wines. Fill your palate with sensations and your memories of unique experiences around wine and the activities that you can enjoy on your way through Navarre.