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Those who already know the territory know the magic that its natural wealth transmits. This is due to the diverse typology of climates and geographies that you can find just a few kilometers apart, which delights those who want to live different experiences and photograph contrasting landscapes.

Navarre, green paradise

The abundant rains in the northern zone leave green landscapes full of forests and meadows, having important environmental exponents such as the Natural Park of Señorío de Bertiz, within the network of protected spaces both for its natural characteristics and for its history, also housing a palace that today is an exhibition hall.

Another of the beauties that mark the color of the north is the Irati forest, one of the largest and best preserved beech and fir forests in Europe. Due to its rich nature and its importance to the environment, Irati is a Special Protection Area for Avifauna, being the home of a multitude of birds and fauna that can be observed on long walks.

But don’t be deceptioned, Navarra is not just green. These same mentioned areas change color with the arrival of autumn, being a very appropriate time to enjoy them in all their splendor.

From north to south… Another world.

And if we go south, we find a much flatter landscape of the Middle Area, where cereals abound and where heritage has been consolidated thanks to the passage of the St James Way. To the northeast are the highest mountains in the territory of the Pyrenees, with their particular beauty accompanied by snow in winter and mighty rivers and pools in spring.

And if we continue walking, we arrive at a completely new world, very similar to the craters on Mars because the Bardenas Reales desert is located in this area. The transition of landscapes that is experienced from north to south is curious.

In any case, from north to south, from east to west, this territory is rich in nature and landscapes that are impressive to see. If people know Navarra for something, it is for its authenticity, that personality that makes those who come to such an original environment fall in love.