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Sport in the nature of Baztan

Donamaria is a town located in the heart of the Baztan Valley, a valley known for its natural green charm, its forests and the magic of the cobbled streets of the towns in the territory.

Here your options to enjoy a few days of disconnection are unlimited: personal and quality treatment in the rural accommodation, excursions to the purest nature and visits to small towns with a lot of original charm.

Bertiz, natural ecosystem

Declared a Natural Park, the Señorío de Bertiz is a botanical garden where unique species such as ginkgo trees from China, California sequoias, chestnut trees from the Balkans and water lilies abound, as well as other native species that have in this space one of the best preserved forests in Europe. with great natural importance.

Here bird watching or birdwatching is a most entertaining activity, being able to find blackbirds, the 7 types of woodpeckers present in the peninsula and others such as squirrels, badgers, roe deer, foxes, among others.

All kinds of activities are possible in this space that occupies more than 2,040 hectares. On the one hand, it is an ideal place to walk and simply get to know the botanical garden, because there are routes for all levels of demand. It can also be toured with an interpretive guided tour to understand the magnitude of its beauty.

Secondly, there are perfect facilities for families with young children. And finally, on some of the routes it is allowed to ride bikes.

This green paradise was designed by a French gardener and Mr. Pedro Figa, incorporating native species and others from remote places.

Within the enclosure there is a Nature Interpretation Center and an exhibition hall.

Bike routes EuroVelo network

This area of the territory is included in the EuroVelo Network, a total of 17 long-distance cycling routes that connect the entire European continent. The closest to this area is EuroVelo 1, but through Navarra it also crosses number 3, connected to the Camino de Santiago.

If what you are looking for is disconnection and a bath of nature, this plan is yours. In addition, we propose some recommendations so that staying in comfort and charm is as easy as possible for you during your stay in Navarre.
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