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Stones towns

In the beautiful area of Tierra Estella is the beautiful town of Sorlada. The charm of this little town is that all its houses and buildings are built in stone of a characteristic reddish color, as well as having some baroque houses from the s. XVIII and facades with coats of arms of the XVI.

This area and its surroundings offer different monumental and landscape attractions with the characteristics of The Original Basque, with a lot of history and nature. Read on to start planning your visit.

Basilica of San Gregorio Ostiense

Near the Camino de Santiago that passes through Tierra Estella, is the Basilica of San Gregorio Ostiense (13th century), which is one of the greatest jewels of Navarre Baroque. It was built in honor of San Gregorio, one of the first walkers to Santiago de Compostela.

It is located on top of a hill and its dome stands out inside, where a stream of light pours in that illuminates the transept and the interior space with a very baroque aesthetic and great beauty. It dates from the 13th century, but since the discovery of the saint’s sepulcher, the basilica of enormous proportions that it is today was erected.

Its exterior is built on the basis of large ashlar walls making a game with the volumes, but, above all, what stands out is the cover.

A very curious place to visit one kilometer from the basilica, are the stone towers that are scattered around the surrounding hill and that remind of the famous statues of Easter Island. The origin is unknown, but it seems the beginning of an unfinished and roughly planned work, since it does not seem typical of nature.

Meet a completely wild environment that keeps the Sanctuary of Nuetsra Señora de Codés

The current one was built between the 16th and 18th centuries, but it could have originated in an old Benedictine monastery from between the years 900 and 1008. It has a monumental appearance and here you can see its church, the baroque-style tower and the attached portico with 3 arches.

“Urederra” or beautiful wáter

Urederra is a river in a protected natural space that is almost like being in a dream. Its waters are turquoise and it has a route between trees that is suitable for any age. It is located in the Urbasa-Andía Natural Park and its pools of water are the most striking.

These and other charms have the area of Sorlada in Tierra Estella that The Original Basque recommends you visit to get to know our territory better.

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