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An enclave with medieval beauty

Uriz/ Uritz is a town at the gates of the eastern Pyrenees that maintains most of its medieval structure, conserving three towers (the one of the church and two belonging to palaces). In addition, its streets maintain several portals with pointed arches, Gothic in style and of great beauty.

In the town, the immense tranquility that is breathed stands out, with few inhabitants, and streets full of beauty of stone and nature. If what you are looking for is rest, this place is ideal, since it also has ideal rural accommodation.

Get to know the Arce Valley

On the banks of the Urrobi river, in the middle of the Arce or Artzi fence, is the Roman site dating from the 1st century BC and in force until the first decades of the 1st century AD. The excavations have not yet been completed as they are carried out every year for 3 weeks, but roads, adjoining buildings, sewage and rainwater pipes, thermal areas, etc. have already been located. Visitation is allowed throughout the year.

And from Roman sites to its monumental heritage, highlighting the beautiful church of Santa María de Arce, a very good example of rural Romanesque. Very much in the style of The Original Basque territory, we find numerous examples of noble palaces in the towns of the valley, some of which retain their defensive towers, we highlight Ayanz, the Liberri tower and the Uriz tower, the latter currently converted into a magical rural hotel.

A highly recommended walk in this area of Navarra is a visit to the Irurrekaeta waterfall, which is an idyllic and hidden corner, which starts overcoming the ravine that bears the same name and, although it is a short route, it is steep, so prepare your slippers and canes.

Of nature and vertigo viewpoints

Finally, we recommend a visit to the Zamariain Viewpoint, where the views are dizzying and the photos are very attractive for your social networks.

A tower converted into a rural hotel

The Uriz tower, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1949, in a state of total ruin, has recently been rehabilitated into a rural hotel with a lot of magic that has the same name, Torre de Uriz and belongs to The Original Basque network.

In addition, if what you are looking for is to enjoy this territory of Navarra, we make other very close recommendations to discover the charms of the Arce Valley and its surroundings.

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