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Waking up in the Pyrenees

We propose an unforgettable trip to Izalzu/ Itzalzu, north of the Salzar Valley and in the Navarra Pyrenees. Waking up in the landscape of this Pyrenean town is living a fantasy. Surrounded by nature and the Pyrenees mountains, if you are looking to rest this is your place.

It is said that the origin of this valley and its people began when in the 8th century a Basque tribe dedicated to herding settled in the area and experienced an early Christianization.

Next to the Roncal valley

This valley is next to another of great beauty and great importance: the Roncal valley. Here the culture of grazing is also very important and in both you can find guided tours to important cheese factories with tasty products that are highly recommended.

This place is highly recommended for nature excursions because it has marked out routes with different levels of difficulty and intensity, so getting to know the beech forests in the area is very simple and of great beauty.

For the most adventurous people, this Pyrenean area is home to the highest mountain peaks in Navarre, as well as being an area for various winter sports such as skiing and snowshoeing, in the highest valley of Larra-Belagua.

Next to Izalzu is Ochagavía/ Otsagabia, one of the most beautiful villages in the Pyrenees.

It is characteristic of this town its narrow, cobbled streets and followed by large stone and wooden houses, which follow the model of villages in the Pyrenees, not to mention the steep roofs prepared for the winter snow.

Religious heritage with views

At the top of the town of Ochagavía is the Romanesque hermitage of the Virgen de Muskilda (12th century), which is not only worth visiting for its historical value, but also offers one of the best views of the Salazar valley.

The Original Basque offers you the best recommendations for hotels, hostels, hostels and rural houses to enjoy this territory of Navarra, always with personal and close attention to guarantee a complete tourist experience.

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