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Welcome to the Aezkoa Valley

This valley at the gates of the Pyrenees, is a green expanse of more than 12,000 hectares of forest made up of a total of nine municipalities, including the highest in Navarra, Abaurrea Alta.

In this environment, wealth resides in the vast nature, hence its motto is “Heritage in nature”. Do you want to get to know more about what this valley and its towns can offer you? Keep reading about this territory The Original Basque.

Caves with magic

Legend has it that the lamias or lamiak, some Basque fairies who liked to live in the mountains, had one of their favorite homes in this area of the Pyrenees. We are talking about the Arpea/ Harpea cave, one of the most beautiful corners in this area of Navarra.

Surrounded by completely green mountains, this cave opens with its laminated walls that form an inverted “V” that is the result of more than 40 million years. As a curiosity, to calculate the age of this cave, you can do it by adding about 20,000 years for each plate at the entrance.

To get to this idyllic place, we recommend that you start from the Orbaiceta/Orbaitzeta weapons factory, also a recommendable visit due to the history it keeps and the beautiful green landscape that surrounds it. If you prefer not to walk, one kilometer from the entrance of the cave you can park your car and walk that stretch.

The Orbaiceta Royal Weapons Factory was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Returning to the arms factory, we must highlight the mystical air that it transmits today, since much of the charm that it now possesses comes from the fact that the remains have almost been engulfed by the exuberant green vegetation that gives it a magical aura.

Stelae Museum

In Abaurrea Alta or Abaurregaina, a singular and unique space has been created that aims to evoke the cycle of life and death. This has been achieved by transforming the centenary cemetery into a museum, where a site was found with more than 30 medieval stelae that today can be admired in their original shape and orientation.

With a great decorative and historical wealth, this is a space that we recommend you not to miss.

The Original Basque recommends the best rural accommodation near these interesting points in the Navarre Pyrenees, so that your visit to this area is comfortable, with personal attention and in charming places.

The ones recommended by The Original Basque are:

  • Posada Sarigarri
  • Hotel Salazar
  • Casa Sario
  • Hotel Besaro
  • Hotel Auñamendi